The International Ideas Competition for Urban Regeneration of the Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul was sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in the summer of 2015. The competition for design professionals called for design schemes which would regenerate the Jamsil Sports Complex area into the center of the “International Exchange District” and strengthen the international competitiveness of Seoul. For their design scheme “SynchroniCity,” Kyu Sung Woo Architects were selected as one of three first prize winners.

SynchroniCity is a strategy to create a new Urban Complex and Park in the heart of the historically and economically-significant Jamsil area. The Complex will be a nucleus for sports, culture, leisure, and international business, providing much-needed open space at a significant intersection in Seoul. Transforming usual modes of city growth by excavating and emphasizing the landscape allows for the development of green space in a dense urban area through ecologically-conscious and sustainable urban growth. SynchroniCity is a layered underground city that connects the site to larger networks of underground programs; a new main avenue penetrating the site links the business district of Gangnam to Jamsil. This is punctuated by a bridge building and hotel complex, the gateway into this new city of leisure, sports, and culture.