Gwangju, republic of korea

The Asia Culture Center (ACC) was won through a UIA approved Open International competition in 2005, sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Culture. The project is sited in Gwangju, at the site of the historic May 18 uprisings that led to Korean Democracy. The project is conceived of as a Memorial and a Citizen’s Park, an uninterrupted extension of the city fabric into the historic site. Representing a new spirit for Asia in the 21st century, the ACC encompasses 140,000 sm of cultural program in five linked buildings: ACC Children, ACC Culture Exchange, ACC Creation, ACC Archive & Research, and ACC Theater. The design for the ACC utilizes natural light to create a connection with nature, and the park is a “green roof” that creates a cool, calm place in the city.

“The first prize winner, entitled the “Forest of Light”, when completed, will truly be a genuine work of art in itself. A generous city park in the heart of Gwangju, an oasis in the hustle and bustle of the vibrant commercial district will merge seamlessly with a non-hierarchical, open, and light filled structure for all types of art.” —Jury comment.